Assimilation, Care,   Feeding and Illness  

  ​How do I assimilate new guppies to my tanks?  Very carefully.  I use the following method very successfully.  Upon arrival, I pour fish into a bowl or small aquarium with just the water in the shipping bags.   Then dip out about half a cup from the bowl and replace it with water from the tank in which you will place the fish.  Repeat this process every 15-20 minutes for 3-4 hours.  If you place them in a bowl, be sure to cover the bowl or you may lose fish that jump out.  Sadly, I learned that from personal experience.   After the 3-4 hour period, pour the fish from the bowl directly into the tank.  Provide cover and turn off overhead light to give the nervous fish time to adjust to their surroundings.   You may lightly feed them a couple of hours later or wait until the next day.

Often customers ask me about how I care for my fish.  I have breeding tanks with lots of fish in them.  I use box filters with a very inexpensive medium--cotton batting material.   Also, in tanks 5 gallon and up, I add a second filter which is a sponge filter made to filter up to a 40 gallon tank.   Tanks have bare bottoms.   Also, I perform a partial water change of 20-25% every 2-3 days. 
My feeding regimen is quite simple.   I feed all fish from new born fry to adults two servings of newly hatched brine shrimp per day.    I begin with a feeding of premium guppy flake and follow about 30 minutes later with the first serving of baby brine shrimp.     Then in the evening at about 5 pm, I give them a feeding of a 50/50 mix of earthworm flake and beefheart flake.  Then at 8 pm, I give them the second feeding of baby brine shrimp.   Also, two to three times per week I give breeders an extra feeding of frozen blood worms or frozen adult brine shrimp.    I purchase my brine shrimp eggs from   and my flake foods and many other aquarium supplies from  I also get several supplies from
No matter how long you have kept fish, they will get sick.  For a long time I tried using all kinds of meds, even the very expensive ones and the fish would still die.  I finally came upon a simple, fairly inexpensive combination that, for the last couple of years, works fairly consistently for me.  At the first sign of illness, usually a few fish shimmying back and forth,  I will add the following three items to the water. The following dosage is  based on a 10 gallon tank  ---- (1)  3 to 4  tablespoons of aquarium salt.  I do not use salt unless needed to help sickly fish get better.  (2) A dose of Melafix (3) A tablet of Fungus Clear.  That's it.  Problems usually clear up within 24 to 36 hours.  If not, dose them a second time.  I'm not claiming this is a miracle cure that will work for you.  But I haven't had a case of ick since I started using this combination. So, if your usual meds aren't working give this a try.            It can't hurt, and it might do the trick for you, too!